[Japanese Youtube Video Tutorial #1]Ciela – NIPPON珍道中 #1 AKIHABARA 秋葉原偏

So here is my first transcription with various notes of the first 2 minutes of the video with a breakdown of Japanese to English and vice-versa.
The purpose of this is to understand both the meaning of what you are trying to say in English and what it means in Japanese.
You should have some foundation for Japanese hirgana and katakana and some Kanji to be able to read some of it.  I have translated some of the more complicated words in the bottom.  I hope you enjoy and study hard!
Good morning, we’re here in Akihabara right in front Akihabara Station.

I’ve never been to Akihara before this is my first time so I have no idea what to expect.
“きたことがなくて” the conjugation for なくてis きたことがないと so the ない is replaced with a なくてto represent a negated continuation.
It is the equivalent of saying “I haven’t ____ but ” so an example would be,
“I haven’t showered yet but I’m going to bed.” which translates to シャワーをあびなくて寝ます。

Although i’ve heard rumors but there are quite the variety of people here so I’m told.

I’m here with Kit and we’re going to check out Akihabahara for the first time.

So this is Kayudo, this is the number one maker of figures in Japan(in the world).
はい 海洋堂に来ています。日本の最も人気のフィギュアメーカーさん。

no, (maybe) in the world?
Chances are if you’ve been to Akihabara you’ve visited this store.

They also sell a variety of figures in Capsule machines!

I see, i have to make it myself.

It looks like this when put together!
So these are called Eksu-Kyuto dolls。

You can change their clothes you can customize them.
They are so cute.
They almost seem kind of real like the way they are posed and the way that they’re dressed.
Just looking at all the clothes and accessories just make me wish I had a doll too.
買いたくなちゃいます – the なちゃいます is a form of なる – to become
So when they say かいたい its “I want to buy”
なちゃう – to become..
なちゃいます – to become(polite)
combine both and you get
買いたくなちゃいます – become want to buy or more correctly in English, “becoming interested in buying”.

You can even buy extra parts for your dolls, to customize them completely!

Summary of New Vocabulary
1) おはようございます – good morning
2) 期待「きたい」 – expectation
3) 想像「そぞ」 - imagination
4) 噂「うわさ」 – rumor
5) 面白い人「おもしろいひと」 – interesting people
6) 集まる[あつまる] – to gather
7) 場所「ばしょ」 – place
8) 体験[たいけん] – experience
9) フィギュアメーカーさん – figure maker
10) 早速「さっそく」 – immediately
11) 人形「にんぎょう」 – dolls
12) 服「ふく」 -clothes
13) カスタマイズ – customize
14) 複素「ふくそ」 – complex
15) 可能「かの」 -possible

Places of Notice:
秋葉原「あきはばら」 – Akihabara
海洋堂「かいよど」 – Kaiyodo (store)


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