3 Videos of Foreign Youtubers on Learning Japanese and Experiences

So before I went into just vocabulary and learning videos, I thought it’d be a good time to backtrack a few steps for beginners and people who have been studying Japanese for a while to understand what it takes to learn REAL Japanese.  For me, learning Japanese from tv shows, music, books were very useful but to really speak “real” Japanese and not textbook Japanese or just “weird” Japanese, going to Japan and living with a family that didn’t speak any English really helped.  You kind of were forced to learn Japanese real fast or else you wouldn’t be able to get around.  I think the same could be said with learning English if your a Japanese, being thrown into a situation where you NEED to learn the language forces you to pick it up very fast.

Now these 3 Youtubers all bring a different side of Japan and learning Japanese that I thought would be great to watch if you’re learning Japanese like me.

Video #1 Youtuber Luke – an Australian guy who went to Japan and started a MMA, security training company and married a Japanese woman.  Learned Kansai dialect first.  His videos are in English, but he’s very good in Japanese, especially with the culture and living of Japan since he’s not really a “Gaijin” but more of  a Japanese “Gaijin” who works with the Japanese police department and military on training.  This video goes into explaining how a lot of beginners end up learning and using wrong Japanese and to speak “proper Japanese” you must understand your social content, what type of Japanese to use and how to use it.  For instance, he mentions even some Japanese people have difficulty understanding and using Business Japanese and Japanese in the 70s,80s,90s has changed a lot from just textbook learning.

Ryuzaki – Youtube English girl who studied Japanese by herself in England since she was 12, learned mostly from watching videos so more of the formal Tokyo dialect.  She is probably incredibly fluent for someone who’s never taken formal Japanese classes or even gone to Japan, very diligently studies hours and hours a day and has gone to the point of being able to fluently read Japanese blogs.  Great Youtuber to follow if your looking for someone outside of Japan to teach you Japanese.

Mira – She’s a Canadian girl who moved to Japan (Tokyo) and explains things very simple.  Mostly in English and Japanese isn’t that great but she has very very insightful real day-to-day Japanese.  Great vlogger to check out if you want to check out Tokyo and real Japan living and culture.  There’s lots of things that they won’t teach you in the textbooks that are only real day to day things you can learn and see from her.

Good luck with your studies and don’t give up!  みんながんばれえ~!!


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