[Japanese Comic #1] Learn Japanese/English with Sushi-Sensei’s Comics #1

Hi everyone, hope your Japanese studies is going well!

Recently, I’ve been watching this Japanese TV show called [Youは何しに日本へ?」which is about these Japanese reporters in Tokyo going around the airport looking for foreigners coming into Japan and seeing what they’re here for.  Some obviously are tourist, but you get to see a variety of different people coming in from like bringing their Japanese wife/husband to Japan to working or even for “Ninja training”.  It’s a pretty funny show and I would definitely recommend it.  I couldn’t find any English sub so I watched it in Japanese but if you do find any English translations, I can post it.


Anyway, today’s lesson is going to be a multi-page series using comic books from Sushi-sensei in NYC.  Apparently he came from Tokyo as an editor in a Japanese company and start a Japanese language school here in NYC.  http://ny-japanese.com/

I’m just referencing his own comics he’s written since I find it informative, cute and funny so I will be translating and posting it in both Japanese and English.

The first one I’m adding is 話かけられる2。 Japanese people could also use it to learn English since its both translated.

Part 1

「日本語通訳」ナレーション: 道に迷ってもいないのに、前を歩いていた白人のおばあさんが突然振り返って

「英語通訳」Narration: I wasn’t lost on the streets, yet  an old white lady who was walking in front of me suddenly turned to me and said…

道「みち」に迷って「まよって」 means to be lost(on the street) and いないのに means not non the less so combined its saying in English correctly “I wasn’t lost yet somehow….”

前「まえ」を歩「ある」いていた means “front” and “was walking”, we would probably say “Walking in front of me”.  Japanese like to use the idea of position + verb if it is a present sense vs the other way around in English. So its not “I see a cat in front of me” but more “In front of me, cat I see”.  Remember to think of position before noun and vice versa in English.

白人「はくじん」Caucasian person  のおばあさんold lady が突然「とつぜん」suddenly 振り返って「ふりかえって」turned around

Part 2

「日本語」白人のおばあさん: あなたは道に迷ってるでしょ~!?

「英語」Old White Lady: you’re lost aren’t you?


「英語」Yancie: umm noo, not really!!

「日本語」ナレーション: どうして見えもしないうしろの人の事をそんなに自信タップリ断言できるのか!?

「英語」Narration:How could someone behind me be so confident and sure (affirmative) about that!?

見えもしない「みえもしない」unable to see うしろ behind 人の事をそんなに translated directly it’d probably be something like the  “event of person could somehow  ” although that sounds a bit strange.

自信タップリ「じしん」means full of confidence from たっぷり and 断言「だんげん」 affirmation  so he’s thinking in English “how’s this lady sooo sure that i’m lost!”


「日本語」 ナレーション: ユニオンスクエアのスタバでボ~つとしていたらオシャレな若者が突然やってきて


「英語」 Narration: At the Union Square Starbucks a fashionable young male suddenly approached….

I can barely speak English yet he came to recruit(ask) me.  Of course I declined.

オシャレな fashionable 若者「わかもの」 young person

ろくに well enough, sufficient, スカウト scout, it usually means recruiting someone

お断り「おことわり」to decline, usually used for saying no politely

「日本語」 ヤンシー: ちなみに、俺のアパートの前のガソリンスタンドはマフィアのマリオが経営してるんだけど、社交家で有名な彼からいつ話しかけられるのかドキドキしています。

「英語」Yancie: By the way, there’s a gasoline stand in front of my apartment that’s managed by a Mafia guy named Mario but he’s well known and always talking, I’m nervous he’ll start talking to me.

ガソリンスタンドgasoline stand はマフィア Mafia のマリオ Mario が経営「けいえい」managementしてる so it becomes into “front of the apartment the gasoline stand” and “managed by a Mafia named Mario”

社交家[しゃこうか」social person で有名「ゆうめい」famous な彼「かれ」male から so this becomes more or less “The social person, famous guy for ”

いつ話しかけられる the いつ always 話しかけられるstart talking, the られるindicates spontaneous occurrence, potential, so like a potential of starting to talk  ドキドキheart pounding, usually means nervousness

「日本語」 ナレーション: なんでこんなに話しかけられるの。。。?

「英語」 Narration: why do they always talk to me like this?


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