[Japanese Language Material] NicoNico Net Talk And Slang #1

Hi everyone, I was reading up on one of my favorite Japanese blog teachers, Maggie-sensei http://www.maggiesensei.com and I came across an article she did on Japanese slang スラングand net talkネットの会話.  Since most of the time, your studying proper Japanese and vocabulary, I thought it was be interesting to see what real Japanese are using across the net.  It’s probably not going to be stuff you use in talking, it’s kind of like saying lol, rofl, gtg, cya, wtf, wth but normally Japanese.

Maggie sensei has lots of great Japanese examples like for instance

“So today’s main slang verb is ググる = ぐぐる = guguru.  It means “to google” or “to search for something on Google”

Ex. そんなこと自分でググったら?
= Sonna koto jibun de guguttara?
= Why don’t you google it yourself?

Ex. この言葉の意味がわからなかったからググってみた。
= Kono kotoba no imi ga wakaranakatta node gugutte mita.
= I didn’t know the meaning of the word so I googled it and checked the meaning.”


Please check her out!! You will learn a lot.  みんなさんにマッギ先生の歩ロゴをぜひ見てください。たくさん面白いことがあってただの教科書が書いたの物じゃなくて色々が学べると思います。

Below is the reference sheet for NicoNico and popular net slang.  NicoNico is like Japanese Youtube but with interactive scrolling comments on the screen and live videos.

I’d go into detail on each one, but I’m not too familiar with them, so when I go on NicoNico I will go check for them and use this as a reference.

Japanese English Reading English
うp upu Up(load)
職人 shokunin Craftsman
リア充 riajyuu Happy off-liners
ボカロP bokaro P Vocaloid Producer
生主 namanushi Live broadcaster
ニコ厨 nicochuu nico addict
コテハン kotehan Alias
運コメ unkome Admin comment
マイリスト mairisuto My List
コメント komento Comment
再生 saisei Playback
来場者数 raijoushasuu Number of people watching
タイムシフト taimushifuto Timeshift
kome Comment
ぬこ nuko Kat
プレミアム会員 puremiamu kaiin Premium Member
一般会員 ipan kaiin Free Member
カラオケ karaoke Karaoke
歌ってみた utattemita Sang it
踊ってみた odottemita Danced it
実況プレイ jikkyou purei play-by-play
車載動画 shasai douga driving video
東方 touhou Touhou
凸待ち totsumachi Skype me!
顔出し kaodashi Unmasked
弾幕 dan ma ku Scrolling text art
空耳 soramimi Misheard lyrics
www wara wara wara Laugh (like lol)
888 pachi pachi pachi clap clap clap *clap*
ノシ noshi bye *handwave*
(ry ryaku abbreviated
otsu Good job! Job well done!
ktkr kitakore Here it is! Here we go!
うぽつ upotsu Good job uploading!
わこつ wakotsu Good job getting the slot!
tsu (give a) hand
ksk kasoku Acceleration
hshs hasuhasu panting
ggrks gugurekasu Google that yourself, idiot!
m9 pugya Point and laugh
腹筋崩壊 fukkinhoukai Bust my guts laughing
AV(アニマルビデオ) animaru bideo Animal Videos
作者は病気 sakusha habyouki Uploader must be nuts
紳士の社交場 shinshi no shakouba Recommended for pervs
病院が来い byouin ga koi Uploader needs to be hospitalized
吹いたら負け fuitaramake you laugh, you lose
才能の無駄使い sainou no mudatsukai wasted genius
日本語でおk nihongo de ok In Japanese, please!
人類には早すぎる jinrui ni ha hayasugiru Mankind isn’t ready for this
その発想はなかった sono hassou ha nakkata I would have never thought of that
勝てる気がしない kateruki ga shinai This beats everything
叩いてみた tataitemita Hit it
発想の勝利 hassou no shouri This wins just for the idea
だいたいあってる daitai atteru Like the original
お前らの愛で見えない omaera no ai de mienai Your love is in the way!
踊ってみろ odottemiro Dance it
歌ってみろ utattemiro Sing it
先生何やってんすか sensei nani yattensuka What do they think they’re doing?
涙腺崩壊 ruisen houkai Eyes burst laughing
文字を読む動画 moji wo yomu douga Video for reading text
ニコカラ nicokara Nico Karaoke
JOYSOUND配信中 joysound haishinchuu Now broadcasting JoySound

This reference list was taken from http://ex.nicovideo.jp/translator_info


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