[Japanese Learning] Youtube – A Morning Walk in Japan 【朝の散歩・日本】 日英字幕

Amazing video from MyHusbandisJapanese YouTuber, they are a married couple with a Japanese husband and American wife that have a long distance relationships(遠距離恋愛)。 I love the production of their videos, they teach a lot of colloquial Japanese as well as speak English, which Jun(the husband) is pretty good at.
They also translate their English and Japanese together so for Japanese this is a good English to learn and for English speakers you can learn to read and listen Japanese.

Please check the video out and give it a thumbs up! Also, hope you guys are excited for a real exam! my next post will be on JLPT3 grammar and listening. I will be uploading an audio file and the actual practice questions on here so get ready to answer some 試験の問! I took the JLPT 3 a few years ago and passed but they changed it into a 5 part exam and now the 3 is like a mix between the previous 2 and 3, like a 2.5 so I will start from there and continue learning!
Photos of Konomiya Shrine, Taga-cho
This photo of Konomiya Shrine is courtesy of TripAdvisor



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