What happens when you experience a flood in the apartment? Sushi-sensei, the founder of http://ny-japanese.com/ draws and shows up.

I took the liberty to write up and narrate what was written in both English/Japanese with key vocabulary and phrases.

Part 1) Narration: Oh no! One day I woke up and found myself sleeping in a flooded apartment.

Part 2) Lady: Oh my God, you are flooded, too.

Narration:  The upset neighbor who was also flooded rushed in.

Part 3) Narration: We were panicking.

Did the water rise all the way up to this 6th floor?

Part 4) Narration: Actually, the flood was caused by clogged drains at the roof top.

You never know what’s going to happen in New York.

My Translation: Teacher, regarding the continued raining . When I woke up, the apartment room’s floor was flooded.
雨続き「あめつづき」continued rain
床「ゆか」 floor
起きたら「おきたら」after waking up
浸水「しんすい」 flood
My Translation: The buzzer rang and it seems the room next door was also flooded, its causing a big commotion.
Old Lady: You too? My place is the same!
鳴る「なる」- to ring
隣「となり」next to
大さわぎ – big commotion
あんたん – you(r) impolite form あなた
とこ – place (short for ところ)

第3) このフロアは最上階の6Fなのにここまで雨が浸水してきたのかと大パニック。
My Translation: This is the top floor (in the building) at 6F yet how can we be flooded so I’m panicking.
最上階「さいじょうかい」 top floor
My Translation: Apparently, it seems the issue was that the rooftop collected rainwater and suddenly during drainage a leak formed.
Even so, I always don’t know what’s going to happen in NY.
結局「けっきょく」 – after all
たまった – collected
雨水「うすい」- rainwater
きちん- suddenly
排水「はいすい」- drainage
雨漏り 「あまもり」leak
原因[げんいん] cause


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