[ENGLISH SUBTITLES] Miura Asami水卜麻美 Hokkaido Food Exhibition

Hi everyone, I’ve finally finished subbing this video I’ve been watching from Miura Asami on Hokkaido food exhibit.

It’s kind of short and cut off, only 11 minutes or so but there’s a lot of delicious Japanese Hokkaido food including

hotate帆立(scallops), kinkiキンキ魚(fish), bota ebiボタエビ(prawn), date ichigo伊達イチゴ(strawberry), buta豚(pork), tomorokoshiトウモロコシ(corn), lots of gyokai魚介/umi no sachi海の幸 (seafood), so it’s a Japanese lesson in food and high quality koukyu高級 food.

Think of this like a lesson on culture and Japanese language with lots of goodies involved.
Hope everyone enjoys, I’ve been starting Aikido 合気道 so I will be busy on my free time with some Japanese martial arts but I will also try to sub the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video everyone has been requesting on called Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Jonetsu-Tairiku (Complete Ver.) youtube.com/watch?v=3vGtNqgGSMc.

I also want to add in more blogs on NYC as well and comics, which I may do when I have time.



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