NYC Japanese #1 – [Kenka!] ニューヨークのご紹介させ第一店[ケンカ!」

I thought it’s been a while since I’ve introduce some places in NYC for people who want to check out and learn some Japanese while experiencing Japanese culture. I think I’ll post places that I’ve gone too and want to recommend including things like Japanese ramen shops, izayakas, restaurants and tea shops and interesting gift and book stores so I hope everyone is looking forward to it.


south street seaport superdry

そう、それはSuperdry Store 極度乾燥(しなさい)と書いています。あいゆう所何て驚いてるね!

Above is a picture of the Superdry Store in the South Street Seaport, which the brand has gotten incredibly popular in the US recently. I believe they are a England based company that is inspired from Japanese artwork. I just thought it was amazing to see Japanese now walking in the streets of nyc.


The first place is probably not one of the most “family-oriented” place to check out in NYC, but the fact that it is an izakaya would typically mean it’s not family friendly since it’s a bar. But this place is somewhere even Japanese people would probably consider a little “grotesque” and not your typical run of the mill izakayas. However, looking past the raunchous menu of bull penises and turkey testicles, it’s actually a nice place with one of the BEST prices for drinks in NYC. If you are looking to have a good night out and drink sake/sapporo all night this place has one of the best deals for drinks in NYC by far. Typical prices in the city range from $6 to $10 a bottle of beer, at kenka it’s a 32 oz mug for $5 sapporo, you cannot beat that anywhere. If you don’t like beer, they have a huge selection of sake and also chuhai. The food is good, I haven’t tried out the “specialties” yet but the typical dishes are like udon, ramen, tonkatsu, they have good okonomiyaki, takoyaki, curry, and other dishes.


下はケンカスペシャルと書いて「牛のちんこと」bull penis とか「豚の脳みそ」pork brain と「出し巻きたまご」Japanese egg、あれ普通じゃない笑。試した事がないけどまた有機があればちょっとだけ食べてみたいけれど。


















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