NYC Japanese #2 – Japan Day NYC! ジャパンデイ AKB48

皆さん、久しぶりです。また、NYC の関してブーログ投稿します。





平田 梨奈 Hirata Rina

大島 涼花 Ōshima Ryōka

小嶋 陽菜 Kojima Haruna

武藤 十夢 Mutō Tomu

岩立 沙穂 Iwatate Saho

野澤 玲奈 Nozawa Rena

There was Japan Day NYC on May 10th, 2015 and every year around the spring. It involves a Japan Run, which is a 4 mile run around Manhattan and stops back at the Japan Day booths in Central park. There are various activities to do and food tents to try for free. They also have musicians, artists, martial arts, and various other groups and ensembles that play so it’s really a great opportunity for New Yorkers to experience some Japanese culture. Please check out the Youtube video above to watch a summary of the days event activities and also I posted below the 2014 NYC AKB-48 Koisuru Fortune Cookie dance as extra. 😀


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