Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my personal blog here on learning Japanese for English learners.  I am not in any sense fluent but I have taken several years of Japanese in college, attended and was part of various Japanese organization/events in New York City and studied abroad in Japan for a few months.  I am also pretty familiar with the Japanese community in NYC from the  bookstores to the popular restaurants, tea houses, cafes, bars, supermarkets, etc that I would like to showcase Japanese locations and various American spots for tourists and people who are just curious while learning Japanese.  Also, I will try my best to explain the social and cultural aspects of everything being taught.  I also post links to other videos and sites that are great guides for learning Japanese.

My blog will consist of videos or articles and translations in both Japanese/English, various textbox material, music, locations and everything in between.  Every article will have a summary of key Japanese to study and there will be a repeat test, yes I said TEST 試験!on those vocabulary at least for me it’s helpful when you forgot some words so study hard!

For Japanese people who are trying to learn English, I will also dedicate a section for explaining English terms/phrases and ideas in both English and Japanese.

I have not practice Japanese for a few years now so please bear with me while I try to learn and teach Japanese and slowly be better day by day.








(*みぶり stands for gesture in Japanese, so one of my favorite Japanese “miburi” is the akanbe)


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