Learning Kanji the Easy Way 漢字の簡単な覚える方法


皆さん、中々お久しぶりです! 長い間ブログに投稿させなくてすみません。


そのアップは何!? Kanji-Senpaiと呼ばれました!

それと「A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters」も使えばきっと前より漢字はもっと楽しくなています。




Hi everyone, it’s been a while!

Sorry for the long break. Of course I haven’t forgotten to study Japanese but it’s been difficult to get through all the JLPT2 Kanji by rote memorizing.  However, luckily I have found a great app that will hopefully  make memorizing Japanese vocabulary and characters much easier!  I’m going to introduce to you guys something I’ve been using these last few months called Kanji Senpai! Of course, don’t just use that to remember words, I also recommend getting the book “A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters” as that will help you with remember particles and break down the characters.  Also, for Kanji Senpai if you really want to practice drawing the characters sorry but you have to pay for each lesson and they break down the lessons into JLPT section. I have paid for JLPT 2 N-1,N-2 and JLPT 3 N1 to practice but if you can’t afford it, please just use the free version it has no audio and Kanji writing but it’s still useful. Good luck with your studies everyone, I will continue to post more and look forward to my new blog posts on NYC Japanese cultures with Japanese stores around NY-NJ area.


kanji_senpai_2 kanji_senpai_1

guide to remember japanese_1



[JAPANESE TEST] JLPT N3 問題2 聴解と問題1の正答Listening Comprehension & Answers

Part 2 of a 4 part series for JLPT listening comprehension. Read the question first, then prepare to listen for the answer.

Don’t worry if you do don’t know some words, just look them up later but focus on the answer.  Next, follow along with the dialog and understand what the dialog is trying to say.

Let’s see how well you did for the first part of the exam.



1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2 4 1 2 3 2

問題2-1番 Audio



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[Japanese Test] JLPT N3 問題1聴解「ちょうかい」 Listening Comprehension


問題1-例 Audio






From the example provided, the answer is 1, listen carefully and you will hear the man asking the woman to come to the 事務所(office) at 9:30AM. She asks him how long it will take by taxi from the hotel to the office. He says it’ll take about 30 minutes so she said ok so I’ll leave at 9AM then. However, he said the roads might be crowded so for her to come 15 minutes earlier therefore 8:45AM. This is just an example in the book, but understanding not only the words but the meaning is crucial to learn to understand the language. If you don’t understand everything or its too fast just listen to parts of it at a time. Its just as important to immerse yourself in the language your studying everyday regardless of how much you know. I will just publish 5 questions today with the question and the answers will posted in the next 5 questions. There are 40 questions, so this will be an 8 part listening series. Hope you all enjoy!

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