Learning Kanji the Easy Way 漢字の簡単な覚える方法


皆さん、中々お久しぶりです! 長い間ブログに投稿させなくてすみません。


そのアップは何!? Kanji-Senpaiと呼ばれました!

それと「A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters」も使えばきっと前より漢字はもっと楽しくなています。




Hi everyone, it’s been a while!

Sorry for the long break. Of course I haven’t forgotten to study Japanese but it’s been difficult to get through all the JLPT2 Kanji by rote memorizing.  However, luckily I have found a great app that will hopefully  make memorizing Japanese vocabulary and characters much easier!  I’m going to introduce to you guys something I’ve been using these last few months called Kanji Senpai! Of course, don’t just use that to remember words, I also recommend getting the book “A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters” as that will help you with remember particles and break down the characters.  Also, for Kanji Senpai if you really want to practice drawing the characters sorry but you have to pay for each lesson and they break down the lessons into JLPT section. I have paid for JLPT 2 N-1,N-2 and JLPT 3 N1 to practice but if you can’t afford it, please just use the free version it has no audio and Kanji writing but it’s still useful. Good luck with your studies everyone, I will continue to post more and look forward to my new blog posts on NYC Japanese cultures with Japanese stores around NY-NJ area.


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[Japanese Language Material] NicoNico Net Talk And Slang #1

Hi everyone, I was reading up on one of my favorite Japanese blog teachers, Maggie-sensei http://www.maggiesensei.com and I came across an article she did on Japanese slang スラングand net talkネットの会話.  Since most of the time, your studying proper Japanese and vocabulary, I thought it was be interesting to see what real Japanese are using across the net.  It’s probably not going to be stuff you use in talking, it’s kind of like saying lol, rofl, gtg, cya, wtf, wth but normally Japanese.

Maggie sensei has lots of great Japanese examples like for instance

“So today’s main slang verb is ググる = ぐぐる = guguru.  It means “to google” or “to search for something on Google”

Ex. そんなこと自分でググったら?
= Sonna koto jibun de guguttara?
= Why don’t you google it yourself?

Ex. この言葉の意味がわからなかったからググってみた。
= Kono kotoba no imi ga wakaranakatta node gugutte mita.
= I didn’t know the meaning of the word so I googled it and checked the meaning.”


Please check her out!! You will learn a lot.  みんなさんにマッギ先生の歩ロゴをぜひ見てください。たくさん面白いことがあってただの教科書が書いたの物じゃなくて色々が学べると思います。

Below is the reference sheet for NicoNico and popular net slang.  NicoNico is like Japanese Youtube but with interactive scrolling comments on the screen and live videos.

I’d go into detail on each one, but I’m not too familiar with them, so when I go on NicoNico I will go check for them and use this as a reference.

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