[Language Exchange]Free English and Japanese Lessons 無料の言葉交換

Recently, I’ve been wondering how to improve my language abilities without just reading simplified textbooks(which I think should be used for reference, not as the sole source of language learning).  I’ve been using this language exchange site called Lang-8.com which I think is really great for writing stuff and getting it corrected quickly.  You help someone, someone else helps you out and get points, its a great exchange program.  My account on it is “Miburi” so if you want me to take a look or add me, feel free to friend me and I will take a look at your posts when I have the chance.


For traditional methods, I feel like a lot of textbooks have outdated material, which you end up not understanding the context but more of just rote memorization of key terminologies.

Like for instance, every book starts off with

おはようございます お早うございます good morning

私の名前はジョンです。My name is John

こんにちは 今日は good evening

こんばは 今晩は good day

さようなら good bye

which is great and all, but I don’t think people in Japan colloquially say that all the time like in American English and every other language.

We shorten terms, especially if its with someone we know.  Basically, the level of comfort we have with each other in terms of relationship will affect the words we say and I think textbooks just avoid that, teach us all one language.

So this post, I’ll dedicate it to some more often used American words and American English slang and my attempts to translate.


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